Call for nominations to join the Green Hydrogen Standard Committee

The Green Hydrogen Organisation (GH2) invites stakeholders to nominate representatives to serve on the Green Hydrogen Standard Committee.

The Committee will advise the GH2 Board on the implementation and elaboration of the Green Hydrogen Standard. Additional details and draft terms of reference are here.

It is anticipated that the Committee will meet virtually on a quarterly basis, and at least once in person, likely in association with the 2nd Green Hydrogen Global Assembly planned for Q2 2023. The Committee will also establish working groups to work on specific technical topics as the need arises.

Interested stakeholders from government, industry, academia, development and civil society organizations are invited to send nominations by Friday 11 November 2022 to GH2’s Director of the Green Hydrogen Standard, Sam Bartlett:; Phone +47 9026 7530. Please explain with no more than one hundred words why you or the person you are nominating is well placed to be serving on the Committee.

GH2 will review the nominations and appoint a Committee for a two-year period, ensuring that there is diverse representation from GH2 supporters, partner organisations and stakeholders. GH2 will preference representatives with proven expertise in the renewable electricity and green hydrogen sector and those with wider networks that can be leveraged to advance the development of the Standard.

All stakeholders that express an interest will be contacted.


GH2 launched the Green Hydrogen Standard in May 2022. The Standard provides certainty and transparency to investors, consumers, host communities and other stakeholders that green hydrogen is exactly that: hydrogen made with renewable electricity which conforms to the highest standards on emissions, ESG and the sustainable development goals.

The Standard was developed in late 2021 and early 2022 drawing on the expertise of a multi-stakeholder Technical Committee (see here and here). A proposal endorsed by the TC was subsequently submitted to the GH2 Board in March 2022. When adopting the Standard, the Board agreed to “establish a multi-stakeholder advisory group to further support and advise the GH2 Board on the further development of the Green Hydrogen Standard”. The Standard itself emphasizes the importance of consultation and learning from best practice:

The Standard seeks to balance predictability and flexibility in a new and rapidly growing industry. Project proponents have emphasized the need for clear and stable standards to inform long term planning. Stakeholders are also in agreement that GH2 should take into account emerging best practices, particularly as projects are scaled up from pilots to large scale operation. GH2 will review the lessons learned from the accreditation and certification process in consultation with all stakeholders.

The GH2 Board has also noted that: “The GH2 Board will review the performance of GH2 accredited projects on an annual basis, with the expectation that the boundaries of the emissions assessment framework can be widened, and that the emissions threshold will be lowered in accordance with emerging best practice” (page 18).

Since the launch, GH2 has worked closely with green hydrogen producers, government agencies, development finance institutions, and civil society organisations to ensure that the Standard addresses the most significant issues associated with green hydrogen production. The Standard is being piloted in a wide range of projects, together with leading green hydrogen producers. GH2 have identified a number of issues where further detail and clarification is needed, including fugitive hydrogen emissions, emissions factors, and the definition of green ammonia under the Green Hydrogen Standard.

The Green Hydrogen Standard Committee will review these and other emerging issues, forming working groups on specific topics as needed.


The Green Hydrogen Standard booklet 

Green Hydrogen Standard fact sheet 

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